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Is GNM Nursing good for the future? 

In today’s world of health battles, nursing is more than just looking after a patient and taking their care until they stand up as fit and strong as before. The nursing of the 21st century deals with the newest health sciences and could be defined as the very evident glue that holds a patient’s well-being journey altogether.

Throughout every nation and the healthcare industry, if ever and whenever there is a need for a person to take care of a human being, we remember nurses for their tireless efforts and contribution as the provider and protectors of such needs. 

Hence the reason is clear why the term nurse stands for Noble-Understanding-Responsibility-Sympathy-Efficient. With that, the world of nursing encompasses all corners and aspects of promoting health, preventing diseases and illness, and providing care to the sick, troubled, and dying. 

What is GNM Nursing and its relevance in the health science industry

The full form of GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. It is a diploma course of three years in India, that prepares students who are interested in professional work as nurses in both hospital and community settings. GNM emphasises the teaching of Nursing among students, the importance of the community, community health care, and Midwifery. 

General Nursing and Midwifery is curated for individuals who aim to excel in the fields of clinical nursing. In this professional course in which an aspirant is trained to understand and provide the best healthcare facilities to an injured, troubled, or sick. In other words, an individual gets to be familiar with the primitives and primary essentials of nursing.

Moreover, GNM Nursing is such an educational program that offers bright and elevated career opportunities. 

As to our understanding, Nursing is a profession that is highly in demand, there is always a requirement or necessity for highly-qualified and well-accomplished nurses. Along with all the opportunities that come with it, it is also beneficial when one can be working while being paid a decent salary or stipend, with recognition that also gets an opportunity to serve our society and give back to it.

But most importantly, it is a career that has a very brilliant scope for growth and pursue of higher grounds career wise across every part of the world.

Pursuing the GNM Nursing course from a reputed nursing institution that creates an all-rounder learning and understanding for you, can bring you the window of opportunity to travel abroad, work with higher salaries and enhance your educational experience overall.

The advantages of pursuing GNM Nursing as a career choice

Nursing is a field where aspirants find all their roots to elevate their life as a professional and is offered more than just opportunities with better benefits, they are offered respect and recognition as they go to the zone of saving many many lives each day.

The benefits of this job leave no boundary ranging from not only its incredible growth potential, but also to the heights of diverse job options, decent salary packages, and higher job flexibility. 

Brighter scope for growth 

With the health care services that nurses provide and the qualifications and certifications they have, a brighter scope is always there without question. But one can gain additional nursing certifications that will help them earn a high salary increase. With that one can also get numerous facilities like incentives, overtime, medical insurance, and so on. 

Higher job-flexibility 

The profession of a nurse is one of the most flexible jobs one can find. If pursued, you can work at a time base or in a shift according to your comfort and ease. The choice of whether to work full-time, part-time, or as a temporary hire completely lies on you. With that, you can work at a hospital or any healthcare center in any town, city, or state, or even travel abroad to foreign for the same. 

Decent salary packages 

According to the word of analysis and research, Nurses can earn a good annual salary package. It’s a profession that holds a high and maximum rate of return on your investment for its education. Moreover, it is a job that earns you valued respect. While a beginner nurse earns a salary of approximately 2.6-3 lakhs per year in India. However, with experience that differs, a registered nurse can get paid around 7.5-8 lakhs per year.

Diverse job options 

A candidate who has completed their GNM course can achieve specialisation in a field of their choice and interest. Hence, then you can master your skills in any of the fields, whether it is pediatric, gerontology, pain management, or even psychiatric. 

Therefore, a career as a nurse provides you the job satisfaction and self-satisfaction like no other profession ever can! One gets to serve and take care of people’s well-being and help them find their solace and lead a hearty, healthy life. Overall, GNM helps you achieve the dream you have always visioned.

The role of technology in GNM Nursing

In this rising world of technology and digital paths, the healthcare industry to has taken the benefits of its air. The role of IT in the healthcare industry includes the usage of technology to assess and distribute patient-related data.

At the end of time, the aim of technology in the well-being industry is to enhance the overall health of the population and patients by improving the quality of care that is taken for them. 

This vital and important role of technology in healthcare has provided the community of healthcare with advanced tools to improve patient care and its efficiency. Using EHR [electronic health records], physicians can now easily access the full and complete medical histories of a patient and make well-structured decisions.

Physicians are now able to use apps to identify possible medication errors and aid a patient to their safety. 

The newest of updates such as Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Trackers, Medical tricorder, Nanotechnology, and many more machinery that has developed over the years and made keeping an eye on health much easier. Altogether, these facilities have upgraded the globe of nursing even more, ensuring better work experience as well as better results of treatments. 

High demand for healthcare professionals

“Nurses and midwives are central to Primary Health Care and are often the first and sometimes the only health professional that people see and the quality of their initial assessment, care, and treatment is vital. They are also part of their local community – sharing its culture, strengths, and vulnerabilities – and can shape and deliver effective interventions to meet the needs of patients, families, and communities.” – said the World Health Organization. 

Globally, this very profession is pursued by many, for its need is rising almost everyday. An approximate number of 27 million men and women create the global nursing and midwifery workforce but with the population counting higher each day, there is a major need for more health workers.

The loss of many lives of women and newborns, suffering from tremendous illness is proof that the need for midwives are not recognised and overshadowed, and that they are deployed to other health services. 

Moreover, throughout all this, the World Health Organization predicts an alarming shortage of 900,000 midwives in the health industry. Nurses play a very critical role in the making and building of health, prevention of diseases and illness, and taking care to make a safer, healthier community space for everyone. Hence, their need in this society is the utmost.

 The challenges of pursuing a career in GNM Nursing

The GNM, like any other education journey, too comes with a handful of challenges ranging from long shifts, being physically active, changing schedules, and high-stress situations. 

As a nurse, the needs of a patient might change regardless of your time schedule, and their vital condition may situate as an emergency. During such occurrences, one may need to stay back and look after the patient until his or her health reaches safety.

Being a nurse is a constant work of patience and demands physical presence around your respective patients, hence keeping yourself physically fit and active is the most important in this field. 

Hence, there is a constant need for assistance in health care where every task is to be done very carefully. 

Job satisfaction 

But with all the struggle there comes a time of satisfaction that gives relief like no other! Nursing provides exactly that to you. You give back to a society you were nurtured, grown, and educated.

You take care of the troubled and ill and bring about a positive impact in the lives of patients every day, making society a better, safer, and healthier place to live in. This profession gives you the self-satisfaction that is most needed. 

Hence, with GNM Nursing, you can find your true nature, earn very valuable respect and recognition in society, as well as build a career that gives you the most to build your own future career on it. Nursing ensures and promises the solace of society and yours, and most importantly a healthier future ahead of us.

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