By assisting understudies with speculation outside their run of the mill learning modes, computerized learning moves inventiveness and allows youngsters to feel a feeling of achievement that supports further learning. Each classroom is a computerized study hall at Calcutta Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Science(CINPS) making it a standout amongst other nursing school in Kolkata, West Bengal, India bringing alive the ideas being learnt using innovation.


We are positioned among the Best nursing college in Kolkata, West Bengal, India as our labs are an extraordinary spot for understudies to upgrade their learning by understanding the hypothetical ideas of the subjects which are instructed in study rooms.


The college library stores books on practically all subjects significant for understudies. In excess of 20 magazines and all significant papers have been bought in to the upside of understudies and instructors. As Calcutta Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Science(CINPS) is a top nursing school the library is refreshed now and again with the most recent books, diaries and magazines to help free dynamic by each understudy.


Calcutta Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Science(CINPS) is one of the top best nursing college in Kolkata,that offers prepared and all around experienced drivers are helped by our woman cares in each vehicle that movements to different pieces of the city. 

Events & Extracurricular Activities

The esteemed college offers different sorts of sports and extracurricular exercises. Every one of the understudies are urged to take an interest in programs at the college in both state and public level. Open air and indoor sporting and social projects are coordinated routinely as indicated by the scholarly timetable of the individual universities.

class Room

The nature of class room instructing at CINPS is genuinely a-list which add to the interesting feeling of unit in which understudies become more acquainted with their schoolmates and teachers. It establishes an agreeable climate and inspire understudies towards their matchless quality and ability through helpful climate of support and learning. The homerooms are roomy and vaporous giving the understudies plentiful moving space to be agreeable. The air is captivating for understudies to willing to invest energy in proposals rooms.

Facilities in Nursing College in Kolkata - CINPS


The CINPS hostel offers comfortable stay for the students within the campus during their course of study. There is separate accommodation for male and female students. The hostel is clean and comfortable, and each room is provided with adequate facilities for stay and study. The hostel has a Visitors’ Lounge, Recreation Hall, and Study Hall, facilities for Indoor Games, Magazines Reading and Television. Adequate security is provided in the hostel. Strict rules are imposed for security reasons to the students.