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Can Commerce Students Do GNM Nursing?

We live in a world of diversification and constant transition from one career path to another. One such transition is commonly seen in GNM Nursing. Many people are still confused about whether can commerce students do GNM Nursing. General Nursing and Midwifery is a reputable undergraduate degree that gives a competitive advantage in today’s job places.

Initially, the scenario of the educational system was rigid. It was expected that if students pursued commerce, they have to explore careers in finance, banking, or management. With the changing times, there is a change in the educational career too. The transition of being a commerce student and then pursuing GNM Nursing may seem something uncommon. But, it is not impossible. Exploring diverse career opportunities can help one in knowing about their newly generated interests and the diverse options of professions available before them.  

In this blog, we will see how commerce students can pursue GNM Nursing.

So let’s quickly get into it!

What is GNM Nursing?

General Nursing and Midwifery, is a three and half year undergraduate program. The period of learning is divided into two parts. The first three years of GNM Nursing are for learning and the next 6 months are for a necessary internship. It provides a comprehensive learning opportunity in the aspects of nursing, community nursing, midwifery, pediatric nursing and many more. It provides nurses with the required skills and knowledge that is required to survive in the real-life healthcare sector. 

GNM Nursing gives theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Besides learning in the classroom, aspiring students also get hands-on experience in clinical learning. 

Let us look at the key responsibilities of GNM Nursing:

1) The first and foremost role of GNM Nursing students is patient care. It is the basic role of nurses. They keep a regular check on the important signs of the patient’s health and provide them with the right type of treatment. 

2) GNM Nursing also involves teaching patients and their families about the various symptoms and causes of their health issues. They provide them with information about proper medications and maintaining a proper diet. 

3) Midwifery students take utmost care of pregnant mothers and help them in their pregnancy period and also in their postmortem period. They provide healthcare and support to new mothers along with their newborn babies.

4) GNM Nursing students also help in advocating for their patients making sure that they receive the right nourishment and care. 

Educational Requirements for GNM Nursing

While dreaming of pursuing GNM Nursing, it is very important to know the overall educational requirements and its eligibility criteria. So let us look at how to pursue GNM Nursing easily. 

Educational Qualification- For pursuing GNM Nursing, one must have passed their 12th board examinations. The students may be from a science background or even from a commerce or arts stream. For science students, they must have PCB- Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Minimum Percentage- GNM Nursing ensures that the students must have an aggregate percentage of 40-50% in their 10+2 examinations. Before applying to GNM Nursing colleges make sure that you check their eligibility criteria and ensure your eligibility.

Age Limit- Students pursuing GNM Nursing must be between the age of 17 to 35 years of age. However, this age may vary according to different institutions. 

The eligibility criteria for pursuing GNM Nursing should be checked before applying to the institute.  Always check for the entrance examination for this course too.

Eligibility Criteria- The criteria for pursuing GNM Nursing are as follows:

1) Students must be 17 to 35 years of age

2) Students must have passed their 10+2 examinations with an aggregate percentage of 40-50%. 

3) Other criteria according to the respective institution. 

Entrance Exmainations:

Entrance examinations are not mandatory in all GNM Nursing colleges. However, institutions taking entrance examinations include general knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. To be eligible for applying for admission to the institution, candidates need to have decent passing marks in the examinations. 

Challenges Faced by Commerce Students

Transitioning from a commerce career to a science career takes work. The common problems that the commerce students might face are as follows:

1) Commerce students may not be very much familiar with the science subjects. Concepts like physiology, biology, and anatomy might be new concepts to them with no experience. 

2)Some commerce students only think of GNM Nursing as a job where they have to look after the patients and their conditions. However, they might not be aware of their other roles like quickie decision-making and providing proper medication.

3)Changing to a science background might be difficult as it requires more devotion and determination towards the subjects. 

These are the basic challenges that a commerce student can face while thinking about pursuing GNM Nursing. These challenges can be overcome by having a strong base in science subjects like Biology. This is because:

1) A prior knowledge of Biology will help students understand the human body better. 

2) Knowing Biology and Science can make students make better in taking decisions in providing the proper medications and nutritional support.

3) A foundation in Science and Biology helps students to identify the conditions of the patients better and make informed decisions.

4) If candidates have prior knowledge in Science and Biology, GNM Nursing becomes easier as nurses can communicate more effectively about the specific medications and treatments. 

Thus, knowing Biology and Science beforehand can help commerce students adapt the science and the real world in a better way.

How Commerce Students Can Prepare

The various tips on how a commerce student can prepare for GNM Nursing are:

1) The basic step is to understand the course curriculum of GNM Nursing. Before diving into the process of admission go through the course so that you get an idea as to what you will face in the future.

2) Start preparing early. Early preparations can help you subtract the differences between commerce and science. You can enroll yourself in preparatory courses. 

3) To develop and be keen towards GNM Nursing, make a routine, and develop a habit of studying. 

4) Always stay updated with ongoing healthcare issues to get an idea about the healthcare problems, understand their symptoms and cure process.

5) Try to polish your verbal skills. This is required to effectively communicate with patients and their families.

Implementing relevant skills is important as it helps bridge the gap between commerce and science. It gives a better understanding of the upcoming and diverse career opportunities. 

Bridge Courses and Pre-Nursing Programs

To pursue GNM Nursing, taking up bridge courses and pre-nursing programs is essential.  

Bridge courses help bridge the gap between a candidate’s current educational qualifications and make them step into the world of nursing. Bridge courses give the students an idea about the upcoming science courses they are going to study. Pre-nursing programs, on the other hand, enroll students with a strong desire directly into nursing schools. 

Bridge courses and Pre-Nursing programs provide students with equal opportunities for learning so that they do not fall behind. It can help in meeting the demand of the increasing need for nurses in the healthcare sector. 

Personal Qualities and Attributes

Pursuing GNM Nursing is not just about theoretical knowledge. It is also about personal qualifications. Personal qualifications like empathy, compassion, and communication skills are needed to ace the nursing profession.

1) Nurses are needed to be empathetic to connect with the patients and their families. Offering emotional support to patients is necessary to give them strength. 

2) To be a good nurse, effective communication skills are needed. It ensures smooth connection with patients and their families to communicate the diseases, their treatment, and preventive measures.

3) Aspiring candidates of GNM Nursing have to have the ability to think critically and make quick and accurate decisions. Making informed choices is an essential part of nursing.

Career Prospects and Advancement

GNM Nursing, an undergraduate program can give you a wide opportunity to select from a diverse number of career prospects. The different diverse prospects that one can pursue after GNM Nursing is school nurse, community health care nurse, military nursing, home healthcare, nurse researcher, or nurse administrator. 

GNM Nursing students can also pursue B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing, Nurse Midwife, and other various career opportunities. 

Aspiring students of GNM Nursing have limitless career opportunities. They can select from any of the reputable professions and enter a world of high demand for nurses. GNM Nursing students can aim towards making the healthcare sector better and make a difference by adding their impact and value.


Thus, in this blog, we learn about how a commerce student can transition to pursue GNM Nursing. Looking at the broad curriculum, eligibility criteria, and different career opportunities can help students have a flourished career in nursing.  GNM Nursing is a respectable profession to choose from. You can get a competitive salary opportunity. GNM Nursing students also get an advantage of jobs globally.

If you are looking to start your dream career in GNM Nursing, do it from a worthy institute. The Calcutta Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Science provides top-notch education with hands-on experience in practical training. 

Get ready to embark on a career in a respectable healthcare sector!

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